Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find the right sorority for me?
Formal Recruitment is a feeling-out process. The trick is to narrow your options without limiting them. Keep an open mind, avoid preconceptions, and consider several alternatives just as you did in applying to college. Although word-of-mouth can be informative, gossip is not fact. Follow your heart and do not let anybody else make the decision for you. Ask yourself where you feel at home.

How much does it cost to participate in formal recruitment?
There will be a $5 fee to go through recruitment this year. You will be able to pay in cash at the Panhellenic Office in BNB, or venmo @tsupanhellenic !

What if I cannot attend part of recruitment?

If you must miss an open event for a class, please contact your Gamma Chi. If you must miss an invite or preference event, you may not complete this year’s recruitment. If you have any additional questions about this policy, contact Recruitment Team or your Gamma Chi.

How much time is required?
There are mandatory commitments that are set in advance, such as weekly meetings, philanthropy events, and new member education, but each member can be as involved as they choose to be. The old saying, "You get out of it what you're willing to put into it," could not be more true.

What about hazing?
Hazing is illegal in the state of Missouri, and it is not allowed by any sorority on Truman's campus. Truman State University Fraternity and Sorority Life does not tolerate hazing. If one feels they have been hazed or has observed hazing, they should immediately report it to the Panhellenic Advisors.

Does Truman Panhellenic recognize legacies?

Truman's Panhellenic community strives to be as inclusive as possible and we do not tolerate discrimination. We stand firmly by this and emphisize a values-based recruitment. Nationwide, many have started to question some of the practices implemented during recruitment, most importantly that legacy bidding within sororities can perpetuate systemic racism.

Most of our inter/nationals require that a woman who is considered a legacy to your specific sorority is expected to be automatically invited back to a minimum of certain events (depending on each individual sorority). This becomes an issue because most, if not all sororities are predominately white. As a result, the legacy system gives an unfair advantage to white potential new members.

At Truman we recognizes the potential issues with legacy definitions and decided to take action that is within our scope of control. We have done this by removing the legacy question from our recruitment sign-up form. This means sororities will not know in advance if a potential new member has legacy affiliation with any organization. We hope doing so will promote a more positive and inclusive recruitment!

If you have any questions about what what this means or why we feel this was an important decision to make, contact feel free to contact us!

Is Truman's recruitment dry?
Yes, both Truman State and National Panhellenic Council have dry Formal Recruitment policies. No alcoholic beverages may be present at any sorority functions during Membership Recruitment. At no time will a sorority provide alcohol for under-aged members or non-members.

Would I lose touch with friends who choose not to join a sorority?
Absolutely not! Many people in sororities and people who choose not to be in a sorority remain close. You would widen your circle of friends and contacts by joining a sorority. Joining a sorority should not interfere as long as you are committed to your friendships.

Would joining affect my grades?
Academic excellence is one of the most important aspects of sorority life at Truman. Each sorority strives to foster an environment of academic success through academic mentoring programs, incentive programs, and minimum GPA requirements. Last year, the average sorority member's GPA was higher than the all-campus average.

How will joining help my future?
Since sororities govern themselves, the leadership opportunities available to the Fraternity and Sorority members are plentiful. Members can cater their experiences to match their interests and personal or professional goals. FSL teaches confidence, leadership, networking, and other professional skills that businesses cite as valuable, and often, leadership opportunities are offered right after joining.

What if I decide not to join?
Sorority Life is not for everyone, and that's okay. You are not committed to join by going through Formal Recruitment. If you decide it is not for you, Truman has over 200 student organizations that could be a better fit for you. For any additional questions, please feel free to contact